Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Women Angels and (Mostly) Women Founders

We held our first pitch night for The Angel Fund and had an amazing collection of women angels.  The table of angels consisted of eight mostly former Googlers and three entrepreneurs who have built businesses serving women. (Note that all individuals represent themselves and not their employers).  We laughed when we realized that we had self-sorted around the table by type: the Google-ladies and the lady-ladies.   Even more exciting were the companies that pitched us.  Three companies had all women founders and one had all men.  BizeeBee provides saas biz services to franchise lifestyle businesses (such as yoga studios, pilates instructors, etc.) and is raising its 2nd round.  AppSmitten is an app discovery company with both newsletter and an app for personalization of app recommendations, with a big and growing list of subscribers.  Virtruus is a trust verification company, with companies using their service in beta for employee screening.  Consumer facing service around the corner.  And, Roominate Toys sells toys for 6-10 year old girls that combine building furniture, rooms and electronic fixtures using circuits, such as lights, fans and buzzers.  They had a big hit on kickstarter (3x their goal) and are raising a first angel round.  Each company found interested angels who will continue with them.  An exciting start.  Many thanks to the Hattery for hosting us in their space.